Why We Need Your Support

Waynflete in action Many people are astonished by the ever-increasing cost of staging a choral concert with a professional orchestra and soloists. In 2014/15 the average cost of staging a Waynflete Singers' concert in Winchester Cathedral was about £25,000. This is made up of:

  • Hiring an orchestra and instrumentalists: about 40% of the total
  • Soloists: 20%
  • Hire of the Cathedral - about 20%
  • Rehearsal costs (chorus master, accompanist and hall hire)
  • Conductors fees
  • Music hire / purchase
  • Advertising
  • Ticket agency commission
  • Performing Rights Society fees
  • Printing programme

If the Cathedral is full, ticket and program sales bring in about £18,000 but the now inevitable shortfall must be met from the Choirs' own reserves. These are boosted by internal fundraising and the annual subscriptions of members and Friends. However sponsorship is essential.

The average loss on a Waynflete concert is about £8,000.

Demand for tickets is strong, yet with top price seats already selling for £39 there is already a fine balance between achieving good audience figures and pricing live professional performances out of their local market.

A £3000 sponsorship package could lighten the load on the Waynflete Singers' shoulders by 40%. If that sum is donated by an individual through Gift Aid then its value to the choir rises to almost £3,700.

To the Waynflete Singers, this amount of money is a lifeline. To a thriving business it's a unique opportunity to secure the future of Britain's choral heritage while delivering a cost effective corporate message to some 200 performers (including instrumentalists), an audience of around 700 and thousands of people living throughout the south of England.